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Meet Our Staff

Neta Litvin -- Director of Education and Teacher

    I’m thrilled to be this year’s school director and Hebrew teacher. This is my third year directing our Hebrew School and eleventh year teaching Hebrew and Judaic. I'm grateful and excited about this opportunity to continue teaching learning and growing with our amazing Shoreshim kids. Both of my children attended Shoreshim Hebrew School, and celebrated their Bar/Bat Mitzvah with our wonderful Shoreshim community.

I have a degree in Applied Art, Communication Design, (demonstrated on the T-shirts & tote bags with the Shoreshim logo I designed.)

In my spare time I enjoy playing classical guitar, photography & Photoshop, creating graphic design, cooking, hiking, and swimming.

As a native Israeli Sabra, I bring an extensive Hebrew knowledge, Israeli culture, and a little chutzpah to school. I look forward leading the school on an engaging, stimulating and challenging Jewish journey.

To all a fruitful school year! שנת לימודים פוריה  Shnat Limudim Puriyah! 


 Rini Feil -- Teacher

    Rini regards herself as a versatile Israeli teacher. She has a teaching certificate, and she has a Ph.D. in Developmental Biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Her teaching experience is in diverse subjects including but not limited to: Science, “Odyssey of the Mind” program, Hebrew and Judaism. Her teaching involvement extends from preschool level to college/university. 

Her family, Howard (husband), Shiri and Leor, are affiliated with Shoreshim community and enjoy hiking, biking, and camping.

Rini loves research and teaching! She is very excited to teach your kids Hebrew and Judaism with an Israeli flavor.