Our Torah

As a lay-led "Shul without walls", Shoreshim relies neither on the presence of a physical space nor the personality of a full-time Rabbi to shape our program content or maintain our community ruach.  However, in the spirit of our post-Exodus ancestors, Shoreshim has accepted guardianship of a sefer Torah and a portable Aron HaKodesh.

Our sefer Torah, a Holocaust survivor, is quite special.  It is the last tangible evidence of a Jewish Community in Eastern Europe.  One of two scrolls commissioned on the b'nei mitzvah of twin brothers, its size and calligraphy are unique and unusual.  Its age and fragility belie its great presence and its ability to touch the hearts of those who read from it and those who listen.  It is our honor to serve as its caretakers, and to give voice once again to the men, women, and children of the community that was destroyed.

Read about Menachem Youlus and how he rescued the Torah in a Washington Post article.  If you are inspired by Menachem's work, you can find out more about Menachem at SaveATorah.  Shoreshim is a supporter of Menachem Youlus and his Save A Torah Foundation.