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As easy as 1...2...3!

Renewing your Shoreshim Membership is a 3-step process. Please make sure to complete everything. 

Step 1

Fill out the membership form

Step 2

Sign up for committees (at least 2 per member) on SignUpGenius. If there are two adult members in your household, please do this individually. 

Step 3

Pay dues.  Membership is $300 per person if renewed before the beginning of the fiscal year (July 1) or $325 if paid after July 1. You may also pay Hebrew School tuition at the same time, if you wish. ($500 per student.) 50% of full payment is due by September 15th, and the balance is due by January 15th.

Checks may be mailed to: 
PO Box  2516
Reston, VA 20195

To pay by credit card through PayPal, use the buttons below. 

Early-Bird Membership ($300/Member) (Includes discount for payments prior to July 1)

Regular Membership ($325/Member) 

Hebrew School ($500/Student)

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Questions? Contact treasurer[at]