Shoreshim is a participatory community that relies on our members to lead many of our religious services, manage our administrative tasks, and shape program content. Each adult member is asked to serve on two committees per year. So whether you're happy to dress up like Queen Esther for Purim, can fry up potato latkes that rival Bubbe's, or would enjoy helping create an inspirational Kol Nidre service, we have a place for you!

Member Responsibilities

Each Shoreshim Member serves on two committees. We try to place you on committees that are what you identify as your preferred committee assignment on the annual Registration Form. Usually, one committee will be on a Holiday Celebration, and the other a Shabbat Service.

If a member cannot fully participate in the committee, it is the member’s responsibility to find a replacement from a member pool that is listed on an attachment to the calendar/committee list. Where a family emergency arises, the committee member needs to contact one of the co-presidents far enough in advance so that we can assist in making a suitable substitute arrangement. The member will then be placed on an alternate committee for a later gathering. 

We encourage all members to get involved and consider leadership roles, such as: Serving on the Executive Board, Chairing a Holiday or Shabbat, Organizing Tzedakah Projects and Helping with Special Events.


Annual membership dues  are $325 per adult. Tuition for children in Hebrew School is $500 per child.  Please note that Shoreshim's policy is that only member's children may be enrolled in Shoreshim Hebrew School.